There are moments in my life where I find myself edging towards the face of my telly, turning a nice rich shade of emerald green, when I see these wonderfully dressed characters. Now it isn’t as though these women are trapped in a tedious celluloid world, in fact I love the shows that these women are in. But I do have to admit there are moments where I find myself stepping outside of their fictional world, and being in complete awe, for I am staring at complete perfection. Here are some of my absolute favorite characters working it :-)

  1. Denise Huxtable        The Cosby Show
  2. Audrey Horne           Twin Peaks
  3. Peggy Olson             Mad Men
  4. Jocelyn Packard         Twin Peaks
  5. Jessa Johansson       Girls
  6. Lisa Turtle                Saved by the Bell
  7. Hilary Banks              Fresh Prince of Bel Air